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September 10, 2019: Performed "Everything You Need" at The Voice Open Mic at The Hotel Café.

August 1, 2019: I performed a 15 minute set (my first set!!) at the Goldwyn Library's Vox Hollywood-Open Mic as a featured artist.

July 14, 2019: I performed "Magnetize" on Hollywood Blvd., in front of the Dolby Theatre.

July 11, 2019: I performed "Magnetize" and "Everything You Need" at Vox Hollywood-Open Mic night.

January 18-22, 2019: Performed and competed at The Industry Network, Westin LAX.

January 11, 2019: Released "Magnetize."

October 12, 2018: Released my debut single "Everything You Need."

July 24-27, 2018: First recording session at Savvy Soundz Studio in Chatsworth, CA.

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